New Media Production
Lecture Series

The Rhetoric of Illumination
in the St. Chad Gospels

Department of English
University of Kentucky

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 - 6.00PM
At the Scarfone/Hartley Gallery [ 310 N Boulevard, 33606 ]
The University of Tampa

Open to everyone, no cover.

In this talk, Dr. Endres will discuss the technological approaches used to digitize the St Chad Gospels, an 8th century illuminated manuscripts that has suffered from a lack of scholarship because a facsimile had not previously been made. Dr. Endress will discuss multi-spectral imaging and 3D rendering, focusing on their contributions to scholarship. Then, he will venture into some of his recent scholarship that this digital work has made possible. He will address the St Chad Gospels' position within the insular tradition (illuminated manuscripts made in the British Isles from about 600-850 C.E.), paying particular attention to its role in the pictorial turn witnessed within this tradition. Dr. Endres wishes to think with the audience about the rhetorical implications of this turn for the use of images and how images alter the act of communication.

This lecture is possible thanks to a generous grant from the University of Tampa Alumni Association


The Bachelor of Art in New Media Production (NMP) major is an interdisciplinary program that includes courses offered in art, communication, information and technology management, music and writing, and is administered collaboratively by these departments. The program focuses on designing and creating applications for interactive media, mobile platforms and the Internet for both commercial and artistic intent. NMP studies the associations between these areas in the context of academic scholarship, aesthetic exploration and technical research. After completing the required courses in the core, the students can choose to concentrate on a specific area and continue their research in the field of their choice, in order to be better prepared for graduate school or the professional world.